Scream 6 Movie Review

The original Scream is not only one of the most seminal horror movies ever made, it also managed to do something few horror films have done period; it spawned a franchise where every entry stays true to the heart of the original. And better yet? Even the arguably bad ones are still extremely watchable.  Say what you want about Scream 3, even hardcore fans should be able to admit that it’s incredibly dumb. But I’d … Read The Full Article

Scream VI: RealD 3D and Free Poster Details

Scream 6

Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media have announced the release of the highly anticipated horror movie, Scream VI, set to hit theaters nationwide on March 10, 2023. Fans of the franchise can expect a fresh chapter with the return of some familiar faces and exciting new additions. For the first time in the Scream franchise, the movie will be presented in RealD 3D, promising a heightened level of thrills and scares for moviegoers. Starting Saturday, March … Read The Full Article

Hayden Panettiere’s return to Scream

Kevin Williamson, executive producer of "Scream 6," on securing Hayden Panettiere's return to the role of Kirby.

Kirby has made his way back into the fold. In “Scream 6,” Hayden Panettiere’s character, Kirby Reed, will be seen by audiences for the first time since “Scream 4” in 2011, when Kirby Reed was thought to have died after the events of that film. Both longtime fans, who may have been let down by the character’s absence in previous installments, and newcomers to the series will be drawn in by the fact that Kirby … Read The Full Article

The Scream VI Trailer Is finally Here!

Scream 6

This time around, Ghostface is completely different. It was announced on Thursday that the first full trailer for Scream VI would be released by Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group. The film will feature the return of Kirby from Scream 4, who will be portrayed once again by Hayden Panettiere, as well as Courteney Cox, who will reprise her role of Gale Weathers. It is hinted in the teaser that Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara … Read The Full Article

Kevin Williamson, the director of Scream 6, says that the picture is a modern reimagining of the franchise.

Scream 6

Kevin Williamson, who co-created the Scream series with Wes Craven nearly 30 years ago, is gushing about the sixth chapter.  Ghostface, the knife-wielding icon of the meta property that revived the waning slasher subgenre, is finally making his way to the biggest death zone of them all: New York City. With the hope of starting over, four survivors of the Woodsboro massacre travel to the island of Manhattan, only to discover that the violence has … Read The Full Article

With a focus on New York City, the Scream 6 crossword puzzle hints at some of the film’s plot points.

Scream 6

With the release of Scream 6 only a few months away, the movie’s official social media channels have released a new game for fans to enjoy in the meanwhile. Inaugural Scream A crossword puzzle based on the series has been released on the franchise’s Twitter and Instagram feeds. The account also tagged the New York Times, which is famous for its classic crossword puzzles, to join in on the fun by tagging them in the descriptions … Read The Full Article

Neve Campbell is Officially Not Returning For ‘Scream 6’.

Following the announcement that a sixth instalment in the ‘Scream’ franchise was in the works, the thought on everybody’s mind was whether or not series star Neve Campbell would be returning. Originally, back in January 2022, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Campbell was asked if she would be interested in doing another film, to which she replied by stating, “Yeah, absolutely. It’s down to the strength of the story. But these guys did … Read The Full Article

Hayden Panettiere Returning for ‘Scream 6’.

Less than a month after the release of ‘Scream’ (2022), it was announced that ‘Scream 6’ was already in the works. The following month, Courtney Cox announced that she would be returning for this next installment in the slasher franchise, once again reprising her role as Gale Weathers. Now it appears that Cox will not be the only returning cast member to reprise her role, as it has now been confirmed that Hayden Panettiere will … Read The Full Article

Scream 6 To Start Filming This June

Scream 6 Release Date

Well according to a recent interview with Courtney Cox the word on the street is that Scream 6 will start production sometime in June of this year, with the filming location being in Canada. We posted that Scream 6 was on the mind of Neve Campbell back in January. With the latest comments from Cox we can just about confirm that there will indeed be a Scream 6 and it’s coming sooner than later. The … Read The Full Article

Scream 6! When is it Coming out?

Scream 6 Release Date

With the huge box office sucess of Scream 5 aka the latest Scream going by just the self title, more news has arrived surrounding the production of ‘Scream 6’. When is Scream 6 coming out? According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter; Neve Campbell is absolutely on board with signing on for another Scream movie, she told the reporter “Yeah, absolutely. It’s down to the strength of the story. But these guys did really … Read The Full Article