Add Psycho to Your October Watchlist for a Trip to the Bates Motel

We meet again, fiends! Sharon here with another open invite to a macabre movie night as our October horror marathon continues. Today I prescribe booking a stay at the Bates Motel via Alfred Hitchcock’s enduring 1960 masterpiece, Psycho. Don’t forget to draw the shower curtain… While some dismiss it as quaint by today’s standards, Psycho retains an eerie allure even 60+ years later. Beyond the gore, it crystallized the slasher formula and birthed endlessly analyzed … Read The Full Article

The Scarily Subversive Design Hidden in Barbie’s Dreamhouse

The Barbie movie has a dark horror tribute to the bates motel.

As a writer for Horror Facts magazine, I was overjoyed to discover the subtle influences from classic horror films woven into the production design of “Barbie.” On the surface, the movie may seem to be all sugar, spice, and everything nice – but a deeper exploration reveals the delightfully freaky details hidden in the doll’s world. The design for Weird Barbie’s kooky mid-century modern mansion clearly takes inspiration from the iconic slanted staircase in Alfred … Read The Full Article