The Mothman Tapes (2022) A New Found Footage Horror

The Mothman Tapes

THE MOTHMAN TAPES is a brand-new documentary style horror film that explores the 1987 demise of three best friends who set out on a road trip for Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in pursuit of the entity that already had tormented the region two decades prior. THE MOTHMAN TAPES comes from 1289 Films’ Jesse P. Pollack and Dan Jones, the critically acclaimed directors of 2021’s Satanic Panic-fueled true crime documentary, THE ACID KING. Wild Eye Releasing, … Read The Full Article

Production on the found footage film Mothman begins this spring

Moth Man

The story centers around Amanda Mason (Liz Fletcher) and her boyfriend, Tim (Christopher Kuriata) as they embark on a quest to find the truth regarding Dakota (Randall Cole), Amanda’s missing brother. When she recovers his lost SD cards and cellphone, she discovers an unsettling truth that has her confronting the horror her brother never knew he had faced: the burning red eyes of Mothman. Cast members include Liz Fletcher, Christopher Kuriata, and Randall Cole. Filming … Read The Full Article