The Tragic Fate of Sister Marguerite: How Forbidden Love Led to Haunting 18th-Century Nova Scotia

Sister Marguerite

The Legend of the Headless Nun Forbidden Passion and Punishment in a Remote Convent The tale of the Headless Nun of St. Margaret’s Bay has been frightening Nova Scotians for over 200 years with its grisly blend of forbidden love, cold-blooded murder, and haunting mystery. This legend spins a dark yarn of passion and punishment set in a remote convent during the 18th century. Illicit Affair and Unwanted Consequences According to locals, a young nun … Read The Full Article

The Legend of the Wendigo Gets a Found Footage Spin in Upcoming Horror Film The Wendigo

THE WENDIGO new summer 2023 horror film details and information on where to watch it.

An ancient evil awakens in the woods in director Jake Robinson’s new horror thriller The Wendigo, coming to digital platforms on August 4th from Terror Films. The Wendigo brings the chilling Native American legend of the cursed, cannibalistic creature to life through the lens of a group of friends who ignore the warnings and venture into its forest domain. After popular social media personality Aaron heads out to the woods of North Carolina to camp … Read The Full Article