THE WENDIGO new summer 2023 horror film details and information on where to watch it.

The Legend of the Wendigo Gets a Found Footage Spin in Upcoming Horror Film The Wendigo

An ancient evil awakens in the woods in director Jake Robinson’s new horror thriller The Wendigo, coming to digital platforms on August 4th from Terror Films.

The Wendigo brings the chilling Native American legend of the cursed, cannibalistic creature to life through the lens of a group of friends who ignore the warnings and venture into its forest domain. After popular social media personality Aaron heads out to the woods of North Carolina to camp and make videos, his friends grow concerned when he goes missing. They set out to document their search for him, only to discover the petrifying power of the mythical Wendigo that lurks within the forest. 

Directed by Jake Robinson in his feature film debut, The Wendigo stars Austin Pigza, Tyler Gene, and Matthias Margraves as the doomed friends who learn the hard way that some legends are best left undisturbed. The screenplay comes from Jamie Brown, writer of the 2020 horror Fatal Getaway.

Robinson drew from his own frightening encounter as a child, after hearing a mysterious voice call out his name while playing in the North Carolina woods. He combines his passion for the legend of the Wendigo with his love of found footage horror to create an immersive survival experience. Filmed as the friends’ own camera footage, The Wendigo aims to make audiences feel the creeping dread and uncertainty of an unseen evil presence in the darkness.

Fans of folklore-inspired horror will want to keep their eyes peeled for The Wendigo when it drops on digital platforms on August 4th. The film marks an auspicious debut for Robinson and a chilling new spin on the iconic Wendigo legend.

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