Halloween Ends New Details Emerge! Read on for Details.

Halloween Ends Movie

We have some fresh news about the upcoming Halloween Ends which is the follow-up and conclusion to the Blumhouse Halloween Franchise. Halloween Ends will take place directly after the events that unfolded in Halloween Kills, and as the title says it ‘Ends’, NICK CASTLE has promised that the Blumhouse feature Halloween Ends will be “SURPRISING”. So what can we take from that statement? There will be a twist in the last chapter of Halloween. As … Read The Full Article

Danielle Harris Would Return in HALLOWEEN ENDS

Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris a beloved horror scream queen known for her role in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 as Jamie Lloyd the daughter of Laurie Strode’s , who in the original timeline of the films was killed offscreen in a car accident in the time between Halloween II and Halloween 4. The original time line of the Halloween universe is quite different then the ones currently running and the other alternative from the Rob Zombie universe. Now if you … Read The Full Article