Slasher Fans, Rejoice – ‘Saw X’ Just Topped the Franchise’s Rotten Tomatoes Ratings

My fellow horror hounds, it brings me great pleasure to report that the latest entry in the Saw franchise, ‘Saw X’, has slaughtered the competition and earned the highest Rotten Tomatoes score ever for the series! As of now, this exhilarating new installment sits at a killer 84% on the Tomatometer, signaling a return to gory glory for Jigsaw and co.

As a lifelong Saw aficionado, I’ve stuck with the franchise through all the highs and lows. The original 2004 game-changer will always have a special place in my black heart for revolutionizing the torture pr0n subgenre. But let’s face it, there have been some duds over the years – I’m looking at you ‘Saw: The Final Chapter’ with your measly 9% score. Even with big names like Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson, ‘Spiral’ only managed a mediocre 37%.

So what makes ‘Saw X’ a cut above the rest? For starters, it wisely returns to the franchise’s roots while offering some fresh meat. Serving as a prequel set between the first two films, ‘Saw X’ fills in key pieces of the puzzle. And horror icon Tobin Bell is as chilling as ever reprising his role as the one and only Jigsaw, with the Hollywood Reporter rightfully raving about his “raspy voice and menacing gravitas.”

It’s clear director Kevin Greutert just gets what us gorehounds want – The Independent nailed it saying he delivers “exactly what fans want.” Consider my chains thoroughly rattled!

For my money, ‘Saw X’ raises the bar for what I want to see in future franchise installments. Whether you’re a hardcore fanatic like me or just have a taste for terror, this one looks to be a bloody good time. I’ll see you in theaters, fiends! Let the games begin. 

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