Shudder’s Blood-Soaked “Destroy All Neighbors” Sets January Release, Promising Gory Laughs

Horror streaming heavyweight Shudder is kicking off 2023 in memorably gory fashion with the January 12th exclusive premiere of “Destroy All Neighbors,” a genre-melding splatstick rock comedy painted in shades of blood red.

Helmed by director Josh Forbes, best known for crafting music videos for the likes of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, this unhinged tale looks to announce a promising new twisted voice while delivering exactly what Shudder fans crave: copious practical effects driven gore and gleeful grindhouse sensibilities.

The film’s deranged premise finds narcissistic prog-rock musician William (Jonah Ray Rodrigues of Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot fame) facing every creative’s worst nightmare – the inability to finish his would-be magnum opus due to frequent disruptions from his noisy, grotesque neighbor Vlad. But William’s resulting meltdown proves far uglier than any musical block could be.

Driven to the edge, William finally works up the nerve to confront the unsavory Vlad (played by Bill & Ted himself Alex Winter) over the racket…only to accidentally decapitate his neighbor in the heat of the moment. Quickly finding himself in over his head, William’s attempts to hide the gristly crime soon spiral into an over-the-top domino effect of accidental murders, undead hordes rising from his victims, and more detours than a 70s-era concept album.

Shudder’s official description sells the comedy-horror as “a twisted splatter-comedy about a deranged journey of self-discovery full of goopy practical FX, a well-known ensemble cast, and LOTS of blood.” So fans of early Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste era can expect the red stuff flowing alongside the laughs.

For director Josh Forbes, known mostly for helming music videos, this rock ‘n roll-themed descent into horror marks an exciting debut into grindhouse frights. And with iconic actors like Winter playing against type in new ways, “Destroy All Neighbors” has all the makings of a breakout genre success from a fresh voice.

Rest assured the masterminds at Shudder recognize the offbeat vision on display, evidenced by the plum January 12th premiere date being given to Forbes’ madcap gorefest. Coming out of the gate strong in 2023, the streaming service continues cementing its reputation as the go-to platform for new voices and bold, original horror storytelling.

And the premise seems tailor-made for Rodrigues to shine with his trademark comedic energy and increasingly in-demand talents. As William’s musical dreams give way to undead nightmares, the journey of twisted self-discovery promises laugh out loud moments alongside viscerally satisfying practical effects mayhem.

While details remain sparse ahead of the film’s release, one thing is certain – genre fans are poised for a festival of fun gore and sick laughs courtesy of Shudder’s latest exclusive. “Destroy All Neighbors” has all the makings of a midnight movie in waiting based on the snippets revealed thus far.

If the streaming service’s hot streak of premieres continues, this could end up mentioned alongside 2022 Shudder exclusives like V/H/S/99 and Halloween Ends as appointment viewing for discerning horror hounds. And the rock ‘n roll meets undead hook hints at future cult classic appeal.

So circle January 12th on blood-red calendars and prepare to kick off the year with a healthy dose of gruesome comedy carnage via Shudder and director Josh Forbes’ “Destroy All Neighbors.” If the promise of “goopy” practical effects, iconic actors like Alex Winter, and “LOTS of blood” already has you salivating, just imagine what wild surprises the full feature surely holds.

Rock on in the free world, but don’t be surprised if the musical dream goes up in smoke and zombie mayhem courtesy of this festival of gore-soaked glee. Consider all neighbouring residences doomed to destruction once Shudder’s latest original creation lurches to life.