Prophetic Horror “Deliver Us” Descends on DVD/VOD This Holiday Season to Fulfill Apocalyptic Prophecy

aith and fire shall meet this holiday season with the DVD/VOD release of religious thriller “Deliver Us,” arriving December 19th via Magnolia Home Entertainment’s Magnet label. Directing duo Cru Ennis (Shot Caller) and Lee Roy Kunz (Delirium) have crafted a thought-provoking horror fable exploring weighty spiritual themes through a chilling story of immaculate conception gone wrong.

When a Russian nun shockingly claims to have virgin birthed twins – one the Messiah and one the Antichrist – the Vatican dispatches a priest to investigate the credibility of her divine prophecy. But upon his arrival, he discovers a secret society called Vox Dei is also tracking the nun, seeking to ensure the apocalyptic prophecy remains unfulfilled by any means necessary.

This sets the stage for dramatic clash in which the fate of the nun, her unholy children, and potentially humanity’s future hang in the balance. Ennis and Kunz smoothly integrate the mystical and conspiratorial for a tale pulsing with tension, atmosphere and religious intrigue.

In a genre filled with overwrought exorcism tales and cheap jump scares, Deliver Us aims for provocative horror more along the lines of apocalyptic classics like Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen. And early critical praise suggests the co-directors have delivered a truly thoughtful, unique spin on the Antichrist mythos.

So prepare to confront questions of faith, sacrifice, and destiny when this artful independent vision of hellish prophecy arrives on DVD and VOD December 19th, courtesy of Magnolia. The Magnet label release ensures apocalyptic thrills to unsettle your tidings of comfort and joy. ‘Tis the season for religious conspiracy, questionable miracles, and potentially the birth of Satan himself.

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