Shudder Adds ‘Slapface’ To Original Library

Woods filled with mystery, witches, and an unlikely friendship. Slapface, an upcoming Shudder Original film, will reveal all next month.

This is unlike any other family affair you will see this year, Slapface is downright chilling. The loner Lucas, who lives with his brother Tom in a rundown house, regularly seeks solace in the nearby woods after losing his mother. Most of the time, he keeps to himself since his only “friends” are a group of female bullies. Lucas withdraws from people after he encounters an inhuman monster. He and the monster form a strange friendship. The two become entangled in a series of primal adventures.

Based on Jeremiah Kipp’s short film of the same name, the film stars August Maturo (The Nun), Mike Manning (Teen Wolf), Dan Hedaya (The Usual Suspects), Mirabelle Lee (Blood Ties), Lukas Hassel, and Libe Barer (Sneaky Pete), Bianca D’Ambrosio (The Bay), and Chiara D’Ambrosio (I Am Mortal).

Patrick Ewald and Emily Gotto negotiated the deal for SLAPFACE on behalf of Epic Pictures and Dread, and Emily Gotto represented Shudder during the films acquisition.

Slapface Horror, Thriller | February 3, 2022 (United States) 5.9
Director: Jeremiah KippWriter: Jeremiah KippStars: August Maturo, Mike Manning, Libe BarerSummary: After the death of his mother, Lucas, a loner who lives in a rundown home with his brother Tom, regularly seeks solace in the nearby woods. With his only "friends" being a group of female bullies, he keeps to himself most of the time. After a strange encounter with an inhuman monster, Lucas begins to withdraw from others. The two reach a tentative trust and the boy is swept up in a series of primal adventures. A bizarre friendship is born. When violence and carnage begin to follow the witch, Lucas must try and stop his new friend from killing again, but is it her he really needs to stop? Meanwhile, Anna, an outsider in their small town, becomes romantically involved with Tom and grows increasingly concerned about the welfare of Tom's little brother. Plus, Sheriff John Thurston, has a history with Tom and Lucas' deceased mother and feels a responsibility to look out for the well-being of her orphaned children. —Slapface
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