Sega has announced that “Splatterhouse 2” available on the upcoming Japanese version of the Mega Drive Mini II.

Splatterhouse 2, or Splatterhouse Part 2 as it is called in Japan, is a beat ’em up video game that was released in 1992 by Namco for the Mega Drive/Genesis home video game platform. The game is played from a side-scrolling perspective. It is the continuation of the horror game Splatterhouse.

Fans of the first game will not need much of an introduction to Splatterhouse 2, in which Rick dons the Terror Mask once more in an effort to save his fiancée Jennifer.

The gameplay in Splatterhouse 2 is fairly similar to the gameplay in the original game. The player assumes control of Rick during each of the eight distinct levels. Rick’s attacks are essentially the same as before; he can still punch, kick, jump kick, and slide kick, and he also has access to a variety of weapons that are strategically placed throughout the stages (melee weapons, throwable weapons and a shotgun). At the conclusion of each level is a boss, which is typically a monstrous monster.

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The Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 is scheduled to be released in Japan on October 27 at a price of 9,980 yen; however, due to the possibility of being charged import duties, we are tempted to wait until it has an official release in the west.