‘The Summoned’ Trailer

What The Summoned appears to be is an invitation to engage in a bizarre form of psychoanalysis. A strange collection of people is gathered for a brand-new kind of therapy, complete with a harrowing procedure.

Two high profile couples are forced to examine the cost of success when they’re invited to an exclusive self-help retreat where their ancestors sold their souls generations prior.

When Elijah and Lyn are invited to an elite self-help retreat sponsored by the mysterious Dr. Frost, they are forced to make the final option. It becomes clear to Elijah as he struggles with Lyn’s emotional distance and is seduced by another partygoer that he has been sent to collect a supernatural debt that spans centuries.

YouTube video

XYZ Films has bought Mark Meir’s The Summoned following its showing at the Overlook Film Festival and wants to distribute it in July!