Scream Legacy A Free Fan Film To Hold You Over Until Scream 6

Scream 5 just left the theater and recently was released on digital along with physical Blu-Ray releases. We also were just informed that Scream 6 is going into production this summer. But wait there is more! Right now there is a fan film Scream Legacy a 2022 full feature length film which is 100% free to watch available right now.

It may seem absurd at first to think that a fan film would be released while the main production and licensing for the Scream universe is still in play, unlike the Friday the 13th Franchise which has had various fan films released over the years since its massive legal battles. Alas here we are with Scream Legacy a free fan film that is set in the timeline of events following Scream 3. So for the hardcore Scream fan is this film Scream 3.5?

According to the official synopsis; In this fan film, Sidney Prescott’s daughter comes to Woodsboro twenty-two years after Scream 3 and is haunted by a new Ghostface killer.

I love that we now have another Scream movie to watch, I haven’t watched Scream Legacy yet but the initial reports from social media and a stunning 7.3 rating on imdb is that its actually pretty good considering its low budget and no affiliation with the big box Hollywood studios.

With a technical altered scream universe and Sidney Prescott being replaced by her daughter it sets up the premise to actually make a decent story based on the plot alone.

If you are interested in this new fan film then feel free to stream the entire film right now 100% free below.

Disclaimer: Zenhouse Studios and its volunteer associates put this show together. It is not associated with, nor does it represent, Paramount Pictures, Spyglass Media Group, Dimension Films, the Scream film franchise, or its characters.

The film was Written and Directed by Zach Salazar. Story by Zach Salazar, Michael Tula, and Anthony Hernandez

Produced by Zach Salazar and Anthony Hernandez. Co-Producers Michael Tula, James Seyer, and JP DeStefano. Co-Producers Jordan Rhodes, and Gabriel Kainer

Executive Producers James Seyer and Gabriel Kainer

You can find out more details on the Scream Legacy on the official Facebook fan page.

Horror Facts


The events of Scream 4 (2011) and Scream 5 (2011) are not addressed in Scream Legacy.

What do you think about Scream Legacy? good? bad? not going to watch it? Let us know in the comments section below.