Rob Zombie plans to reimagine the Munsters in his own unique way.

The filmmaker/musician has shared a very striking photo of a new cast member as a preview of his upcoming remake of the horror sitcom The Munsters.

Igor is described in the photo as a loyal servant to the Munsters and as a character never before seen on television. Fans of the short-lived TV series will remember that name as being one of Grandpa’s pet bats. Is this an homage to the original series?

McCoy is clearly portrayed as Igor with strange hair, a full beard, and dressed as a butler in the photo. A candleholder resembles a bat with two candles atop its wings, and he seems to be lighting candles for the Munster family house.

Peacock has all the original Munsters episodes available online. An official release date for Rob Zombie’s The Munsters has not yet been announced.