Nicolas Cage to Play Dracula in the Upcoming ‘Renfield’ Film

In recent years Nicolas Cage has been on a trend of starring in independent and obscure films, including his most recent roles in ‘Pig’ and as the nameless drifter in ‘Willy’s Wonderland’. His direct-to-video days may be over, as it was recently announced that Cage would be taking on the infamous role of Dracula in Universal Pictures’ upcoming film ‘Renfield’.

This is not the first film Cage has appeared in involving vampires. In 1988 Cage starred in ‘Vampire’s Kiss’ about a guy who thinks he’s turning into a vampire. Unlike that film, Cage will actually portray a creature of the night in ‘Renfield’. 

The film will center on the titular character who will be played by Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: Dark Phoenix).

The character of Renfield was first introduced in Bram Stoker’s original 1897 novel Dracula, where he appeared as an insane asylum patient who eats living creatures to obtain the life force contained within their blood. It’s later revealed throughout the book that Renfield is under the influence of Dracula, who he serves in the hope of becoming immortal. He later turns on his master, who ends up killing him by breaking the man’s neck.

Details of the story are officially unknown at this time, other than that the film is said to take place in modern times with a comedic tone.

Chris McKay (The Tomorrow War, The Lego Batman Movie) will be directing the film, with Ryan Ridley (Rick and Morty) writing the official screenplay, based on an original story by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead).

Along with ‘Renfield’ Universal is also in the process of developing a new ‘Dracula’ film with Chloé Zhao attached to write and direct the film.

After 2017’s ‘The Mummy’ flopped at the box office, Universal decided to abandon its Dark Universe idea and instead shift its focus to stand-alone films with a lower production budget, following the success of ‘The Invisible Man’ which earned just over $143 million on a budget of $7 million.

Along with Cage, Awkwafina has been cast in ‘Renfield’ in a yet undisclosed role.

With Cage’s tendency to throw himself into his roles, he will likely deliver an unforgettable performance. Keeping that in mind one has to ask if Cage will be giving Leslie Nielson a run for his money as the strangest onscreen performance of the Prince of Darkness?

As more information on ‘Renfield’ becomes available Horror Facts will be sure to report it.