Texas Chainsaw Netflix

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Netflix Trailer

The trailer for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel has been released by Netflix. To be Hooper’s direct sequel, Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues wrote and produced this entry.

The new trailer seems to borrow heavily from the remake of 2003. It has a similar aesthetic anyway. One of my favorite scenes features Leatherface digging out an old chainsaw from a wall.

“Our take on it was this guy (Leatherface) probably disappeared after everything he’s done. You know, how do you catch a guy who has a mask? Once he removes the mask and runs away, it’s very easy for him to hide somewhere. This story will pick it up many, many years after the original story. He’s been in hiding for a long, long time, trying to be a good person. These people arriving in this town are going to awaken the giant.” Source Entertainment Weekly.

The trailer ends with a big reveal. Leatherface is holding a human flesh mask up for the camera. There are some dead sunflowers to the right of Leatherface, which are a nod to the first movie. In Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the first couple who find a place to swim pass those very same sunflowers on their way to the house.

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