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Resident Evil Series Streaming On Netflix July 14th, Check Out The Teaser Trailer On This Page.

The tranquil city of New Raccoon never had any exciting events take place there. But on July 14, the illustrious Resident Evil franchise will begin its fight for life on the streaming platform Netflix.

A teaser trailer for Netflix’s new project focusing on the horror video game franchise Resident Evil, which features zombies and other vile monsters developed by the fictitious pharmaceutical firm Umbrella, was published today (Thursday, May 12th, 2022). This will be another entry in a long list of attempts at making Resident Evil a reality.

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There are two distinct timeframes in this narrative. Jade and Billie Wesker, two 14-year-old sisters, relocate to New Raccoon City. He may be hiding sinister truths which might bring the entire globe to its knees. The T-virus has infected more than 6 billion animals and humans in the second timeline, which takes place a decade from now. Thirty-one-year-old Jade is the focus of this story.

It includes Albert Wesker’s two children in an 8-episode series. It’s a two-part story. First, New Raccoon Metropolis, “a city where nothing bad ever happens,” is set in 2022, while the second takes place 14 years later in an entirely wrecked and chaotic London.

Resident Evil Netflix Series Raccoon City 2022

However, this trailer does not show much of Lance Reddick as the abovementioned Wesker; instead, it concentrates on his family’s life in 2022 New Raccoon City and ten years later in post-post-apocalyptic London.

Because this is a complete reimagining of the series, no previous games or films may be assumed to have taken place in this alternate reality. Zombies and the Umbrella Corp. are the only clues that this is Resident Evil.

Resident Evil Netflix Series Raccoon City 2036 Stream For Free

While AMC’s long-running zombie blockbuster series The Walking Dead has waned in popularity, Netflix’s zombie adaptation of the video game might offer Netflix a major undead drama.

Only time will tell if the upcoming show will land a place in the hearts of all the Resident Evil fans around the world, until then stay tuned to Horror Facts for all the latest RE news and updates.

Check out the trailer for Resident Evil below.