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Queer Ghostbusters Take on The Paranormal in Hulu’s ‘Living For The Dead’

Get ready to slay those spirits, hunties! Hulu is serving up some seriously spooky realness with their new original series ‘Living For The Dead’. Following a fabulous five-member team of queer paranormal investigators, this show puts the gay in ghost hunt.

At first glance, this looks like your standard ghost hunting fare – creeping around haunted houses with EMF detectors in hand. But there’s a glamorous twist. These researchers also aim to raise the spirits of both the living and the dead, helping people come to terms with their phantasmal predicaments.

And the production has some major queer cred behind it. None other than Kristen Stewart – wearing her producer heels – describes it as a “gay old time”. With the creators of ‘Queer Eye’ also on board, consider my curiosity beyond piqued!

Stewart says the concept started as a joke between herself and BFF CJ Romero. But now their hypothetical pipe dream is a full-blown spooktacular Huluween series. I live for that journey from giggle to ghoulish!

If the trailer is any indication, we can expect tons of sassy banter between these paranormal pros, mixed with genuinely chilling moments. Get ready for laughs, tears, and Lez-sponsored levitations.

So grab your proton packs and rainbow flag, ghostbros. This fearless queer Quintet is ready to take on all matters of the supernatural. When ‘Living For The Dead’ premieres this October, you know where to find me – huddled under a blanket, peeking between my fingers. Happy haunting! 

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