Pulse 2006 revisiting.

It has been 15 years since the film was created and brought to Hollywood by Wes Craven.

After staying up late one night I decided to watch the film in HD for the first time since my original DVD viewing of the film, I can say that the movie looks brilliant and has a very unique story even if it is based on the Japanese horror film and is not an original film by any means, however given its poor reception and two follow up films I think that it deserves a second chance.

The movie takes off fairly quickly as we are introduced to a digital virus that has taken form from a womens suicide and is now using the electro magnetic feilds to chase people down and steal their happiness brining them to the point of taking their own life, scary stuff to think about but as technoggy has taken off so much more since this movies inception, we now live in a world where radio waves are everywhere

unlike the original film going around with 2G and basic texting not even smart phones in the film which is why many people did not understand the idea as much as they would in todays world, where we have digital frequencies all over the place from home WIFI routers of 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz along with 3G, 4G and the all new controversial 5G soon to be 6G before you know it.

The movie is actually pretty scary when you think about all the technology flying around the world today and how we are now more intertwined with tech then ever before, starlink satellites above head in low orbit, smart watches, phones and even Elon Musk brain implants.

I give the movie 6 out of 10 and suggest that if you seen it in 2006 then to give it a re watch, if you have never seen the movie then perhaps you should check it out it stars Kristen Bell in her prime that’s always a bonus.