Psychotic Santa Wreaks Havoc in ‘Nightmare on 34th Street’

The holiday season takes a twisted turn in the upcoming horror film “Nightmare on 34th Street.” Set for release on December 5th, this British horror-comedy centers around a deranged Santa Claus who visits a sleepy rural town with a bag of disturbing gifts and chilling tales.

YouTube video

Starring Caroline Boulton, Lucy Pinder, and Dani Thompson, the film follows the murderous St. Nick as he unleashes his own demented version of holiday cheer. The official synopsis describes Santa’s bag as containing “unusual gifts and twisted holiday stories featuring Krampus, a murderous St. Nick, and killer carol singers.” Clearly, this is no jolly Kris Kringle.

The trailer reveals the psychos donning the Santa suit and wreaking violent havoc, from taking a flamethrower to the Christmas tree to impaling one victim on a set of reindeer antlers. British actor Ewen MacIntosh, best known for his role on “The Office,” also stars as one victim of the psycho Santa’s rampage.

This deranged take on Old Saint Nick comes from director James Crow, known for his horror-comedy genre films. For those looking for a truly twisted holiday horror story, “Nightmare on 34th Street” promises to provide a psycho Santa that will ruin Christmas forever. Just don’t watch it with the kids! The film slashes its way onto digital platforms on December 5th.

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