Psychic Vampire Trailer

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Michael falls into a cult that worships a video game, will he be able to level up?

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A boy in his early 20s (Bear Spiegel) is drawn into a cult that worships a video game, created by a mysterious man (Mr Lobo) who watches his life as if it’s a game of his own. The boy realizes he is being manipulated and robbed as the people around him descend into madness, depression, and drug use. He must contend with his morally ambiguous boss (Lloyd Kaufman), kind but strange therapist (Lisa Terror) and the manipulative, masochistic leader of the cult (Kaatia Fedrow)

Starring: Bailey Monroe, Bear Spiegel, Chloe Herman, Dylan Mars Greenberg, Hope Hoke, Hugh H Hoke III, Kaatia Fedrow, Lisa Terror, Lloyd Kaufman, Mr. Lobo, Tate Hoffmaster, Thunder Smith