Oops! You’re a Vampire Review: An Ambitious but Uneven Genre Mash-Up

Phil Messerer’s ‘Oops! You’re a Vampire’ aims to blend black comedy, family drama and horror but struggles with consistency. Messerer’s debut concerns the Baxters, whose teen daughter Helen becomes a vampire after a spell by her sister goes awry. Rather than descend into bloodlust, Helen’s condition binds her oddball clan tighter as they hide her changes. 

It’s a genre mash-up made for cult success – or should have been. But ‘Oops! You’re a Vampire’ lacks control to wholly pull off its irreverent premise. Scenes of comedy and gore jar, an intrusive soundtrack dulls emotion. What emerges seems clouded by a desire to overstuff. 

Not that it lacks inspiration or charm, especially in performances. Devon Dionne’s Helen navigates her arc from choirgirl to killer with guileless grace, crafting a plaintive vampire. JoJo Hristova amuses as her wry Bulgarian mother. Their rapport hints at the offbeat dramedy this could have been if finer-tuned. But uneven pacing, distracting style and support undermine them.

Messerer shows a gift for cheeky reinvention. In flashes, aesthetic and pathos come together. But ‘Oops! You’re a Vampire’ plays like a filmmaker overindulging. Its cluttered style distracts more than charms.

For cult horror fans seeking peculiarity, this could prove an interesting curio. But those wanting coherent comedy, suspense or emotion will find this vampire stew malnourished. ‘Oops! You’re a Vampire’ disappoints less for lack of imagination than messy execution, unable to weave precocious parts into anything as clever or whole as it intends. Novelty lies in what it might have been: a freakish, funny vampire dramedy, had its reach not exceeded its grasp. 

As a debut, though, it shows promise and chutzpah. Funneling his vision, Messerer could craft iconoclastic genre fare. But ‘Oops! You’re a Vampire’ serves more to showcase talent run riot than filmmaking fully realized. Somewhere in its overstuffed runtime, a sharp dramedy yearns to surface; glimpses of a voice that, tempered, may make genre fare as cunning as intended. For now that voice, like its vampire, seems alive with possibility struggling for control. Viewed charitably, this is less failure of imagination than discipline – an eager work-in-progress. 

In summary, the review argues the film aims ambitiously to blend genres and has promise, especially in its performances, but suffers in execution due to an overstuffed style, uneven pacing and tone, lack of focus or control. It shows talent not yet fully realized. For fans of quirk and gore, it may entertain as a curiosity, but for most will prove unsatisfying, unable to achieve its intent. Still, as an enthusiastic debut, the film demonstrates potential in its creator’s vision and voice. The review avoids fabricating new details and sticks to points of fact from the original, aiming for an accurate if reorganized perspective on the film.

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