NY Sci-Fi Fest 2023 is back!

The 2023 New York Science Fiction Film Festival is back with an exciting lineup of creative works, both in-person and virtually, set to be held in March. The festival, now in its third year, will feature over 40 official selections, with 31 shorts, two features, eight screenplay and graphic novel entries from nine different countries.

The festival aims to spotlight the significance of independent cinema, offering a diverse program of screenings, discussions, and competitions for creative professionals. The event’s screenplay and graphic novel competitions are back this year, offering aspiring writers a platform to showcase their work.

Founder Daniel Abella established the festival to provide filmmakers with the opportunity to showcase their work and promote equality and excellence in the film industry. He believes that indie sci-fi films offer a more passionate and original experience than the tentpole productions that come out of Hollywood.

The festival is scheduled for Saturday, March 25th, at the Producers Club Theaters, with a virtual encore on Sunday, March 26th. Passes can be purchased on the festival’s website, https://www.newyorksci-fifest.com.

Abella notes that this year’s festival serves as a visual premonition of the future, with the boundaries of science and science fiction continuing to blur. The event offers an opportunity to take charge of the world we live in and prepare for a better future.