Horrorhound Festival Premieres Cold Blows the Wind

Cold Blows the Wind” is a horror film that is written and directed by Eric Williford. It has just made its world premiere at the Horrorhound Film Festival and has been nominated for over 10 awards, including Best Feature, Best Writing, Best Directing, Best Lead Performance (Victoria Vertuga), and Best Supporting Performance (Jamie Bernadette). The film follows the story of Dean and Tasha, two individuals who made a series of terrible choices that led to a terrible night.

It all started with their first mistake, driving while drunk. Things quickly spiraled out of control when they hit a jogger and decided to bury the body in a remote location. As tensions between them begin to rise and they can’t agree on anything, a mysterious visitor arrives and offers to keep their secret in exchange for protection. However, this only makes their situation worse as their night of terror continues.

The movie stars Victoria Vertuga, Jamie Bernadette, Danell Leyva, and Torrey Lawrence, and is produced by Blame the Dog Productions. The film’s plot explores the consequences of making reckless decisions and the subsequent toll it takes on individuals, both physically and psychologically. The tension between Dean and Tasha serves as a microcosm for the consequences of these decisions and the horror that comes with it.

With multiple award nominations already, it’s clear that the film has already made a significant impact in the horror community.