New Horror Movie MORGUE on Digital & BD May 11

Morgue synopsis After a harrowing accident, a down-on-his-luck security guard accepts a promising new gig at the local morgue in the terrifying supernatural thriller MORGUE.  But his luck quickly changes back when he gets locked in and eerie occurrences (and a not-quite-lifeless body) leave him to wonder: how much otherworldly rage does it take to wake the dead? 

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The film is a massive feature coming from its home country and according to the first-time writer/director Hugo Cardozo the entire film is based on real/true events.  The cast includes Pablo Martínez, María del Mar Fernández, Willi Villalba, Abel Martínez, Dr. Aldo Von Knobloch, Raúl Rotela, and Francisco Ayala. You can watch  MORGUE when it debuts on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD May 11 from Well Go USA Entertainment.