‘The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue’ Special Edition

The classic ‘The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue‘ also known as ‘Let Sleeping Corpses Lie‘ is getting a special edition Blu-ray release, many people may have not seen this one before but really it is a great zombie film that has always held a place in my heart having seen it in my youth. Obviously the movie is not a Romero ‘of the dead’ film but it holds its own and offers an exciting zombie experience.

I am going to pre-order the film right away as having a 2160p(4K) edition of the movie would allow me to see this cult classic as if it were just filmed yesterday.

An experimental agricultural machine may bring alive the dead in the small town where George and Edna find themselves through a strange twist of fate. A detective thinks the couples are Satanists who are responsible for the local killings since zombies are infesting the area and attacking the living. In order to stop the impending zombie apocalypse, George and Edna must prove their innocence and fight for their lives!
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What is different on the Special Edition of The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue? Here are the new features.


• Exclusive new 4K restoration from the original 35mm camera negative
• New 5.1 English stereo surround remix made exclusively for the Synapse Films release
• Two audio commentaries featuring authors and film scholars Troy Howarth, Nathaniel Thompson and Bruce Holecheck
• Restoration of the true original English language theatrical mono mix
• The Scene of the Crime – Giannetto De Rossi in Discussion from Manchester (16 Mins.)
• Giannetto De Rossi – Q&A at the Festival of Fantastic Films, UK (43 Mins)
• Theatrical trailer, TV spots and radio spots
• Newly translated removable English SDH subtitles

As an added bonus feature to celebrate the upcoming release I managed to find a video that shows the filming locations it’s a great little watch if you are a fan of the film, The “Realm of Horror” presents, a location tour of the various filming locations used in “The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue”. Simply press play below to check out the locations.

YouTube video
Horror Facts


In order to make a fake chest that zombies could rip into in her death scene, Jorge Grau cast an actress with a flat chest in the role of the nurse.

The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue soundtrack includes moaning and breathing sounds. These eerie sounds were created by director Jorge Grau, as were the zombie sounds.

There are sixteen alternative titles from the film’s various international releases.

The film’s bizarre alternative title, “Don’t Open the Window”, inspired Edgar Wright to make his mock-trailer, “Don’t”, for the film Grindhouse (2007).

The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue is set for a Blu-ray release on June 7th 2022.