Monsters in the Closet

Monsters in the Closet

Rather than filming a bunch of films and adding them to one film, Monsters in the Closet is an anthology film which has an interconnected story. 

Several years after the death of Raymond Grant, his daughter returns home – but, man, how many stories have I had to tell horror movie characters to never go back home or settle affairs or try to find out what happened to her father – to investigate the circumstances behind his death.

The undead creatures that stalk the living from the pages of this audiobook come to life as monsters, zombies, and other terrifying creatures…

There are four films in this series: “Please Kill Me Again”, “Home Improvement”, “The One-Percenters” and “Frankenstein’s Wife”.

While horror anthology’s have offered some great sets like the twilight zone for example, Monsters in the Closet is just not my cup of tea. I was bored to tears while watching.

Gore and vomit were the only tools at the creators’ disposal. We’re not talking horror here, but rather a bizarre gore fest. Despite my expectation of the film possibly starting to be ok or bearable to watch , the situation didn’t improve after less than twenty minutes.

Ideally, a horror film should be unnerving at the very least. The movie should contain a couple of scenes that are somewhat unsettling. Tension should be building up inside of you as you wait to see what will happen next, something anything would do here a bang a rattle damn even a jump scare. The only thing I sadly ended up waiting for during Monsters in the Closet, was to see the movie come to a end so I could turn it off and try to muster up this review, if you could even call it that. The film ran eighty-nine minutes including the turn me off now credits.

No character development, no real story and just an overall feeling of why was this made, that’s what I took from the film. The movie was boring and not well put together, I wish it had lived up to the scary cover art and the cool name, but alas it was simply clickbait.