Bae Wolf a modern Twist on an old fable [REVIEW]

Offering something new for the website comes Bae Wolf is a new take on the legend of Beowulf and all the books, movies, folklore that follows, while it may not be considered a ‘true horror’ film the director sent us a screening copy for our consideration so here is the Horror Facts review of the Bae Wolf.

Written and directed by David Axe, Starring Morgan Shaley Renew, Jennifer Hill, Aaron Blomberg, Josh Kern, Katie Langdale, Rachel Petsiavas comes Bae Wolf. The year is 500 A.D. in darkest, deepest Denmark. Grendel, the unstoppable decapitating monster, terrorizes the drunken revelers of Heorot. The fearless princess Freawaru embarks on a quest in search of a hero who can save her people along with her sidekick, the cynical scribe Shaper. True heroes, however, seem to be more rare than bloodthirsty monsters. The true agenda of famed imp-slayer Bae Wolf could prove more dangerous than Grendel himself when she rides to Heorot’s rescue.

The movie is fairly low budget but offers a unique queer take on the Beowulf legend, The film has a runtime of 1 hour 27 minutes which offers some exciting combat moments and fairly impressive acting considering the low end budget of $37,000 according to IMDB.

Admiring the effort put into the creation of the film, as long as you watch with the mindset that this was made on a shoe-string budget then you will realize that the production crew made lots of practical effects come to life the best they could.

While the story of Beowulf has been told so many times now its like beating a dead horse, it has never been done this way before and that’s something special.

If you are a fan of mythical creatures, Norse gods or even games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or the other Beowulf movies and spins, then if you get the chance you should give Bae Wolf a try as it will be right up your alley for a movie night with like minded friends who enjoy this genre of film.

BAE WOLF drops 2/22/22 from BayView Entertainment.