Late Screen Icon Tom Sizemore’s Final Film Role Preserved in Trauma Therapy: Psychosis

The career of beloved screen tough guy Tom Sizemore was tragically cut short this year following the actor’s death from a brain aneurysm in February 2023. But Sizemore’s gritty, intense on-screen presence will endure for generations thanks to his final film role being preserved in the upcoming psychological thriller Trauma Therapy: Psychosis, directed by Lawrie Brewster. I recently received a press release with exciting details about the release date and a chilling new trailer for this last Sizemore showcase.

As the press release revealed, Trauma Therapy: Psychosis has been scheduled for release in theaters, on digital platforms, and video-on-demand by Quiver Distribution on September 1, 2023. This provides a wonderful opportunity for Sizemore’s legion of fans to enjoy his talent one last time on the big screen.

In the film, Sizemore appears as himself, playing the host of a Larry King-type talk show reporting on the film’s central plot. This story follows the machinations of a disturbed self-help guru named Tobin Vance, played by Tom Malloy. Along with his assistant Elizabeth (Hannah New) and acolyte John (David Josh Lawrence), Vance has fled authorities in the U.S. to set up a new cult-like operation in the remote wilds of Scotland.

As the trailer chillingly depicts, Vance then takes his new recruits through a terrifying program of trauma therapy involving drugs and fear-based challenges, aimed at breaking them down completely to be remade according to his twisted vision. However, things spiral quickly out of control into hallucinatory chaos and carnage.

Knowing this was one of Sizemore’s final projects before his tragic passing adds extra gravitas to every grizzled line delivery and sly glance. It looks to be a fittingly intense coda to his extraordinary career playing tough guys and villains. Sizemore built his reputation through remarkable performances in films like Heat, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and Twin Peaks: The Return.

Seeing Sizemore ply his gritty charisma one last time opposite Malloy’s equally intense work as Vance will make Trauma Therapy: Psychosis a must-see film for the actor’s many fans. While bittersweet, the opportunity to experience the depth Sizemore brought to every role should not be missed when Brewster’s psychologically intense thriller drops on September 1.

Rest in peace, Tom Sizemore. Your larger-than-life, ruggedly memorable screen presence will live on for eternity. Be sure to catch Sizemore’s evocative final act when Trauma Therapy: Psychosis arrives next month.

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