Jason Blum is interested in a Blumhouse spin to ‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’

As reported by SCARE Magazine, Blum believes Halloween III: Season of the Witch is one of the most under rated films in the franchise.

I’d love to work on that,” he replied when asked about the potential of 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch. “I have ideas for that… things we’d like to do[,] ideas where we’d take it. I’d love to do something with Season of the Witch, for sure.

As the third film in the Halloween series, the original third installment focused on a nefarious novelty company that produces killer masks for Halloween, the intention was to introduce each year a new tale of Samhain-themed horror.

It’s a bold experiment that produces an undefinable piece of spooky season cinema worth revisiting again and again. Although it failed to make a profit and received poor reviews, subsequent Halloween movies reverted back to the Myers-driven slasher formula. The chief executive officer of Blumhouse. Jason Blum has expressed interest in making a sequel to the film.

As for Blum, he said he stays focused on the Myers-centric sequels that Blumhouse is contractually obliged to produce.

Halloween 3 Season of the Witch

Blumhouse Productions was founded and is headed by Emmy award-winning producer Jason Blum, which creates micro-budget films with high-quality and a low budget.

This 1982 horror movie is the third installment of the Halloween film series. The film is Tommy Lee Wallace’s first writing and directing credit. Taking part as producers are the creators of Halloween and Halloween II, John Carpenter and Debra Hill. Michael Myers does not appear in Halloween III, the only film in the series without him.