Interview with Horror Based Online Streamer GirlDoesRant.

Recently, YouTuber GirlDoesRant, shouted out HorrorFacts on her Twitter page, telling all her followers about our non-profit, digital horror magazine.

As a thank you, we wanted to reciprocate the kind gesture and inform you, our readers, about her YouTube and Twitch channels.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to speak with GDR and get some insight into the horror-based online streamer. So please join us as we talk with GDR and discuss what motivated her to start posting videos, what motivated her to recently step in front of the camera, and what we can expect from her in the future.

Horrorfacts:  First off, I wanted to thank you for plugging our website on your Twitter page.

GirlDoesRant: You’re very welcome for the shoutouts. Happy to help and I appreciate this, too.

HF: What made you decide to start making and posting videos?

GDR: I’ve been a horror fan since I was a kid and always wanted to get more involved in the community in some way. I enjoyed the personal angle some reviewers or entertainers put on presenting my favorite movies, etc., and wanted to try it myself. It helped to develop my love for the genre better over time, too, and gives me a place to put all my useless trivia knowledge. Haha.

HF: From watching your videos, you started off doing videos about videogame lore and playthroughs but, in September, started doing movie reviews. Why the change?

GDR: While horror has been a part of my channel since inception, I didn’t really focus on film content too often (I’ve had some review streams and the odd video, but not regularly) until a few months ago. I was lucky enough to get a couple of interviews with Sylvester McCoy regarding his past (and more recent) horror projects. I enjoyed the experience so much, I decided to branch out and start doing film reviews on a more regular basis.

HF:  You have also done a couple of fan fiction videos, including an erotic dinosaur story. Any plans to do more in the future?

GDR: I love working on dramatic readings. Sometimes, it’s just funny parody stuff, like the dinosaur erotica, but I love doing theater of the mind-type readings of more serious horror stories. I tend to go overboard with sound F/X, music, etc. but I have a lot of fun putting it all together. Right now, I’m working on one for an animated reading of a Junji Ito story.

HF: When you first started posting videos, you were using a voice changer, then started wearing a wig and mask. But in September, you decided to reveal your face. What made you decide to step in front of the camera?

GDR: I like to use gimmicks but I eventually get tired of doing stuff in a certain way and change it up when I start getting bored. I felt like the whole mask/voice thing was fun but done.

HF: What is your goal for your channel? And what can we hope to see from you in the future?

GDR: I don’t really have big plans long-term. I work, so YouTube and all this stuff is great for stress relief, especially in lockdown. I’ll keep putting out stuff based on movies or other content that catches my interest and experimenting with new things. I think horror will always be a central theme to my channel. The only thing that might change is the way I present that interest.

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