Fangoria Launches Film and Television Studio

Horror film magazine, Fangoria, announced that they’re teaming up with talent management and production company, Circle of Confusion, to launch Fangoria Studios. 

Under their new banner, Fangoria is looking to develop and produce film, television, and podcasts using the Fangoria, Starlog, and Gorezone brands, with a focus on sci-fi and horror projects with global appeal.

“We’re incredibly excited to begin a new chapter of our 40+-year-old brands to launch Fangoria Studios with our partners at Circle of Confusion. As filmmakers ourselves, our commitment is to expand genres across the world. We want to share original stories with audiences both domestically and internationally,” said Fangoria owners, Tara Ansley & Abhi Goel.

Fangoria magazine separated itself from other publications by providing exclusive interviews with horror filmmakers and offering behind-the-scenes photos and stories. 

The new studio hopes to once again separate themselves on the screen by creating new icons in the sci-fi/horror genre by telling stories of folklore and monsters from around the world that have yet to be told, as, when it comes to horror, everyone screams in the same language. 

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