Halloween Kills Extended Edition The Differences

Halloween Kills the Extended Cut offers some additional content including an alternate ending to the original film, while this is the definitive version to add to your collection at the time of posting this article there is no ‘major’ changes other then additional content, if you watched the original on Peacock or in Theaters during its original run then you really are fine to go on without viewing this edition.

The differences in Halloween Kills theatrical and extended comes down to the added content on the blu ray and a very small addition to the ending of the film.

The alternate ending is as follows, After Karen Strode is stabbed to death, Laurie Strode attempts to call her daughter. The moment Michael answers the phone instead, Laurie realizes something is wrong because she can hear his iconic breathing on the other end. It’s a thrilling throwback to the original Halloween scene involving the phone. In the next scene, Laurie Strode tells Michael Myers that she will kill him, before walking out into the hallway of the hospital.

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In the opening title sequence, we see twelve pumpkins, the last one indicating that Halloween Kills is the twelveth movie in the Halloween franchise.

If Blumhouse follows its original formula for the current Halloween trilogy where each film picks up where the last one left off There is a possibility that scene will be placed at the beginning of the next movie Halloween Ends if it then flashes ahead to the next film.

You can check out the high resolution images below of Halloween Kills Extended Cut as it is set to be in your collection right now if you are an avid halloween fan like myself, even though the film has had a fairly negative reception I will still be adding this to my collection alongside Halloween Resurrection which was another film that did not make the cut but is still a prized collection for any franchise fan.

Halloween Kills Extended Blu Ray Cover
Halloween Kills Extended back of bluu ray

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