Get Ready to Scream for the Killer New Films Hitting Screambox this October

Prepare yourselves for a frightful array of skin-crawling new movies coming to Screambox throughout October 2022. This ghoulish streaming service is unleashing a bloodthirsty lineup of horror, thriller, and sci-fi films that will keep you up all night.

Leading the pack is the exclusive documentary “More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead” on October 3rd. This thrilling retrospective features in-depth interviews with the cast and crew behind the iconic undead franchise, including stars Clu Gulager, James Karen, and Linnea Quigley. Get the inside scoop on the making of these cult classic zombie films, from behind-the-scenes secrets to the pioneering practical effects. “More Brains” chronicles the entire journey of the beloved “Return of the Living Dead” series from conception to undying fandom. 

Then on October 13th, tune in for the demented and hyperactive horror-comedy series “HeBGB TV,” following a possessed cable box’s multidimensional adventures. With its manic energy and macabre sensibility, “HeBGB TV” has drawn comparisons to classic twisted shows like “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” and “Rick and Morty.” Fans looking for a psychotronic rollercoaster will love this deranged anthology of small screen terror.

Arriving October 17th is the Screambox Original “Shaky Shivers,” marking the directing debut of “Fast and Furious” actor Sung Kang. This 1980s throwback sends unsuspecting campers on a night of lycanthropy, zombies, and frozen treats. With its nostalgic aesthetic and eccentric ensemble, “Shaky Shivers” serves up a strange but sweet horror romp. 

Turning up the tension on October 24th is the previously unreleased-in-America Japanese home invasion thriller “Door.” Following a young couple terrorized by a maniacal intruder, “Door” ratchets up the dread leading to its depraved finale. Experience mounting suspense in this import making its US debut.

And on Halloween night itself, Screambox will unwrap the exclusive horror-comedy “Help! My In-Laws Are Vampires.” Sink your teeth into this munsterously entertaining Italian romp, about a human woman adjusting to her new undead in-laws. In the tradition of “The Munsters” and “The Addams Family,” this blood-soaked treat mashes up laughs and screams.

Filling out the rest of the month are chillers like the brutal “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer,” the found-footage Bigfoot movie “Willow Creek,” and Sean Harris in the mind-bending “Possum.” Screambox has horrors and thrills for fans of every fear factor.

So grab your candy corn, turn down the lights, and binge on Screambox’s killer October lineup. With bloodcurdling premieres across all your devices, you’ll have no escape from the screams!

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