Full Moon Features Releasing Baby Oopsie Replica

Full Moon Features has announced the launch of its new toy division, the Full Moon Horror Line. This division will create and produce high-end replicas and figures, as well as new and innovative toys and merchandise based on Full Moon Features’ extensive catalog of franchises and licenses.

Full Moon Features has hired Rick Phares, an award-winning toy and collectibles expert, to develop and manage all products for its Full Moon Horror Line.

The Full Moon Horror Line will kick off in Q1 of this year with the launch of its flagship product, the 1:1 scale talking Baby Oopsie prop replica, a high-end collectible from Full Moon Feature’s cult-following franchise, “Demonic Toys”.

Baby Oopsie Full Body

Retailing for $299.95, the Baby Oopsie replica is cast from the original prop molds used for the film and features electronic light-up eyes, and actual character voice recordings, along with real fabric clothing.

The deluxe Baby Oopsie figure is 25 inches tall, posable and will come with a foil-stamped slipcover and a COA “birth certificate” signed by Full Moon Features CEO and Founder, Charles Band, and Baby Oopsie Director, William Butler.

“Our new line of high-quality replica series is so exciting because they’re unlike anything that has been done before,” says Phares. “Baby Oopsie and the subsequent replica series are all handmade in limited quantities and completed by myself and other notable special effects artists.”

How Can You Get Yours

Only 900 units of the flagship replica will be produced and after selling out, will not be manufactured again.

The limited-edition replica will be available to purchase this March at www.FullMoonDirect.com and is set to hit mass-market retailers later this year.

The figure is not currently available for pre-order. To be notified when the Baby Oopsie replica goes on sale, sign up at www.FullMooniverse.com/babyoopsiereplica. Orders will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis, so make sure to sign up today.

Coming Next From Full Moon Horror Line

The Baby Oopsie Replicas will be followed by premium product lines such as; the Subspecies Bloodstone Replica, and a high-quality line of 1:1 scale Puppets from Puppet Master, a standalone product apart from any previously released Puppet Master replicas.

Outside of this new line of high-end premium replicas, the Full Moon Horror Line will pivot to retail items such as; the new Blind Box program, “Tiny Terrors”, collectible tin tote lunch boxes, a working “Jack Attack” Jack in the Box, along with additional mass market-friendly merchandise.

All items from the new toy division will be available for purchase directly through Full Moon Direct and subsequently made available on a mass-market retail level in North America through an exciting distribution deal freshly inked by FMF. Details of the deal are not yet available.

About Full Moon Features

Full Moon Features was founded in 1989 by the undisputed master of horror movies, Charles Band, and is the successor to Band’s ground-breaking Empire Pictures Studio. Band has produced more than 360 films, original series, toys, collectibles, merchandise, and comic books, and publishes the popular horror film magazine, Delirium.

Touted as the closest streaming has come to replicating the grindhouse, this year, Full Moon Features is shooting one film a month and is releasing a new two-part feature film every month. These monthly releases include films like The Resonator: Miskatonic U, The Gingerweed Man, and Don’t Let Her In. Full Moon Feature’s most notable films include the Puppet Master 11-film franchise—the most successful independent direct-to-video horror film series of all time, Subspecies, Pit And The Pendulum, Castle Freak, Dollman, Demonic Toys, Prehysteria!, Evil Bong, and many more.


After over twenty years, Phares rejoins the FMF team after leaving his position as Executive Vice President of Full Moon Toys from 1994 through 2000. During that time, he created the highly successful Puppet Master Series action figure line, which won various awards including Lee’s Action figure News & Toy Reviews Golden Toys Award for “Best Figure Line in 1998.” In 1999, Phares moved on to create his own toy collectibles company, Majestic Studios, which obtained licenses (Universal/NBC, ABC, MGM, etc.) and created, developed, and released several highly collectible figures including; Zuni Warrior from the iconic horror movie, Trilogy of Terror, Dark Shadows, Vincent Price as The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Jeepers Creepers, Sea Monkeys, and more. Phares resided in Hong Kong from 2000 to 2022, and during that time, founded his own toy and collectibles consultancy business, which he still owns, operates, and maintains today. The company has created and developed products for companies such as; DC Comics, Diamond Select Toys, WizKids, and Entertainment Earth, among others.