Full Moon Features Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of “Voodoo Passion”

Jess Franco’s 1977 shocker “Voodoo Passion” has developed a reputation over the decades as one of the legendary director’s wildest, most daringly surreal films. Now thanks to the folks at Full Moon Features, this Eurocult classic has finally received the deluxe HD treatment it deserves in an essential new collector’s edition.

For the uninitiated, the film centers on Susan (Ada Tauler), who hastily marries Jack (Franco fixture Jack Taylor), a businessman living in Haiti. Upon arriving to start her new life, Susan is surprised to find Jack shares his home with his seemingly unhinged nymphomaniac sister, Olga (Franco muse Karine Gambier). As she becomes better acquainted with the home’s lush tropical setting and hedonistic inhabitants, Susan finds herself pulled into a vortex of voodoo rituals, clandestine trysts and shocking blood rites, descending ever deeper into a sexualized nightmare world.

This was one of several voodoo-themed films Franco churned out at breakneck speed for producer Erwin C. Dietrich, loosely remaking his own “Nightmares Come At Night” from 1972. Like much of the director’s late 70s output, “Voodoo Passion” plays out in a haze of jarring psychosexual imagery, blurring the lines between dreams and reality.

Fans have eagerly awaited a proper HD upgrade for “Voodoo Passion” for years. While DVD editions existed, none could fully capture the visual pop and texture of Franco’s sultry cinematography. Enter Full Moon with their stunner of a new collector’s edition.

Simply put, “Voodoo Passion” has never looked better than it does here. Lush, vivid color? Check. Increased detail in faces, fabrics and settings? Check. Depth and nuance within Franco’s dreamy soft focus? Double check. This remaster finally gives the photography and production design the showcase they deserve. Just take in the early plane arrival scene, beautifully saturated in true Haitian hues and Spanish countryside flavor. Or Gambier’s iconic striptease centerfold shot, which feels more tactile and vibrant than ever.

Of course, this cult classic has always been about strange, shocking imagery. And rest assured – all the film’s memorable moments, from Muriel Montossé’s lusty glances to the final bloody voodoo ritual – make an indelible impact thanks to the stellar restoration work. After years of subpar video quality, fans can finally fully immerse themselves in Franco’s mad, sweltering world.

This is the version of the film to own!

As if that didn’t already make this a must-own release, Full Moon has also crammed the collector’s edition with bonus content galore. Leading things off is a fascinating audio interview with Uncle Jess himself, where he discusses coming up with the initial story idea and working with trusted collaborators like Jack Taylor and Karine Gambier. Franco fans will delight at his energetic, candid insights into this beloved film’s production.

The extras also boast a sizable still gallery loaded with goodies: rare promotional photos spotlighting the beautiful cast, wild lobby cards and poster art, and behind-the-scenes pictures. It’s an awesome visual chronicle of the film’s marketing and photography sure to have collectors drooling. Rounding things out is the original German theatrical trailer, plus a reel of trailers highlighting Franco’s wider pop culture impact and legacy courtesy of superfan James Franco.

For Eurocult enthusiasts and Franco completionists, this jam-packed collector’s edition is easily worth the purchase on bonuses alone. Combine that with the utterly sublime new HD transfer, and it’s clear Full Moon has delivered the definitive release of this surreal voodoo classic to consume heart, body and soul. Don’t hesitate to bring this beauty home to your library. ( Purchase option on Full Moon Features )

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Full Moon Features does it again!

As fans well know, Full Moon Features has established itself as the go-to specialty label for resurrecting beloved exploitation, horror and cult films from decades past. Thanks to their stunning restoration work and loaded special edition packages, they’ve saved many genre gems from fading into obscurity.

It’s no surprise, then, that they’ve done such phenomenal justice to Franco’s offbeat 1977 voodoo-sex-nightmare “Voodoo Passion” – it’s precisely the kind of Eurosleaze fever dream Full Moon was made for. More mainstream labels may have lacked the proper understanding or resources to showcase this surreal cult favorite as it deserved. But Full Moon clearly recognized both its artistic merit and undying fandom.

Through their diligent HD transfer, Full Moon has gifted us crystal clarity within Franco’s hallucinatory world, honoring the photography, sets and costume design befitting a big budget production. And their stack of supplements should have devotees drooling. For a once obscure, grubby piece of psychotronic cinema, no other label would have rolled out the red carpet quite like this.

Of course, Full Moon also caters to collectors with their signature slipcase packaging, complete with newly commissioned art that evokes the film’s madness and mysticism. Simply put, they’ve treated “Voodoo Passion” with the same passion and insight fans have held for 45 years, resurrecting it for a whole new generation. Now folks can finally see Franco’s sordid gem looking better than even its original theatrical run. Bravo to Full Moon for working their magic yet again!