Filmmakers Explore Haunted Hunting Lodge in “The Haunting Lodge” Documentary

Paranormal enthusiasts can look forward to the release of an intriguing new unscripted investigative documentary, The Haunting Lodge from American filmmakers Kendall and Vera Whelpton.

The Haunting Lodge, which is set to be released on October 17th, follows Kendall and Vera, the creators of The House in Between – 1 & 2 and The Sleepless Unrest, as they look to investigate a remote hunting lodge in Georgia that has been experiencing paranormal activity for over a decade.

Desperate for answers, Dan, the lodge owner, allows the filmmakers to conduct a thorough paranormal investigation to document the mysterious activity that has been plaguing the property and scaring hunters away for over a decade.

Once settled in the lodge, Vera begins to experience the same terrifying supernatural encounters previously described by the hunters. Still, it isn’t long until Kendall also finds himself falling prey to terrifying events within the lodge, including the pair reporting that it felt like something was touching them while they slept.

As strange events in the lodge intensify, Kendall and Vera decide to call in renowned psychic medium Jill Morris to make sense of the bizarre activity. After investigating the energy within the lodge, Jill makes a startling revelation—the culprit behind the haunting is an intelligent entity.

The lodge’s dark secrets come to light as the paranormal events continue to escalate in the never-before-investigated location. Kendall and Vera find themselves in over their heads when they finally capture evidence of something unearthly.

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Fans of ghost-hunting shows and spine-tingling found footage will want to keep an eye out for The Haunting Lodge this October. The film promises a chilling look into a real unexplained haunting in an isolated lodge with a disturbing past. Be sure to check listings for its release on demand to get your next fix of paranormal entertainment. Just be prepared for things to get really scary!

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