You are witnessing the conclusion to 300 years of nightmares. Fear Street Part 3: 1666, the third and final installment in Netflix’s summer movie event, premieres on July 16 exclusively on Netflix.

R.L. Stine’s third Netflix film. Fear Street: 1666, Simone Stine’s book, reveals the horrifying truth about what ails Shadyside by jumping into the distant past.

Haunting Shadyside is a dark and magical past

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During Fear Street Part One: 1994 and Fear Street Part Two: 1978, the young protagonists are running for their lives as different ghouls from Shadyside attempt to kill them; they encounter various aspects of the supposedly cursed town’s dark and mystical truth. There is a legend about witch Sarah Fier who taught to everyone who grows up there, but few people understand the depth of her influence over Shadyside, even after her death.

Fear Street Part 3 1666

There will be many actors from the previous two films returning to 1666 either as ancestors of their original characters or as wholly new characters who have come to Shadyside during the days of the original Sarah Fier.

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