Fans Rejoice – ‘True Detective’ Creator Nic Pizzolatto Teaming with Blumhouse for Occult Horror Movie

Hide your children, lock your doors and turn on all the lights – the brilliantly twisted mind behind HBO’s ‘True Detective’ Season 1 is heading to the darker side of the horror genre. That’s right ghouls and ghosts, Nic Pizzolatto is teaming up with Blumhouse Productions to conjure up an occult detective story sure to tingle your spine and torment your dreams.

During a recent panel at the Austin Film Festival, Pizzolatto tantalized fans by revealing he has written a horror script for the legendary studio that brought us sinister masterpieces like ‘Get Out’, ‘The Purge’, and ‘Paranormal Activity’. Describing his latest project as an “occult detective story”, Pizzolatto promises this will dive deep into the realms of the supernatural, telling a mystery tale laced with sinister forces beyond human comprehension.

As any true horror hound knows, Pizzolatto has proven his skills at crafting a moody, unsettling story with complex characters thanks to the phenomenal first season of HBO’s ‘True Detective’. Teaming up with powerhouse actor Matthew McConaughey, Pizzolatto spun a Southern Gothic tale of ritualistic murder that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Bringing that same richness and complexity to an occult-themed horror feature has me practically salivating at the thought.

While exact plot details remain tightly under wraps, the term “occult detective” immediately conjures images of seances, ritual sacrifices, haunted mansions, and ancient texts holding forbidden secrets man was never meant to know. Whether the story follows a grizzled private detective, a Vatican exorcist, or an FBI agent assigned to investigate paranormal crimes, Pizzolatto’s masterful character development and knack for atmospheric dread will provide the perfect launching pad.

And let’s not forget that partnering with Blumhouse means Pizzolatto will have access to state-of-the-art practical effects and a budget for mind-bending visuals to complement the nightmarish story. Get ready for a visually stunning, emotionally thrilling ride into terror’s heart of darkness, my fellow horror junkies.

With ‘True Detective’ having strayed from its suspenseful roots after the first season, this new collaboration offers Pizzolatto the chance to recapture his genius for brooding tension, eclectic characters, and truly bizarre mysteries. An occult horror tale dripped in Southern Gothic atmosphere sounds like the perfect vehicle for Nic to reclaim his crown as the Sultan of Suspense.

While no release timeline has been hinted at yet, you can bet this will shoot right to the top of every hardcore horror fan’s must-see list once it gets an official title and date. Stay tuned gore hounds – when you mix Pizzolatto’s sinister storytelling with Blumhouse’s scare factory, evil forces will be summoned from the shadows and into our nightmares. I’m crossing my fingers for a truly terrifying descent into the taboo and bizarre from two modern horror icons at the top of their game!

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