Brace Yourselves – Psychedelic Cannibal Horror ‘Do Not Disturb’ Checks in This November

Alright freaks and fiends, it’s time to book your most horrific honeymoon getaway when the psychedelic cannibal horror flick “Do Not Disturb” opens its doors in theaters and on VOD this November! Brought to us by the scream aficionados at Dark Star Pictures, this blood-splattered tale of a toxic marriage gone full cannibal has been carving up the festival circuit, and now it hungers for wider audiences to devour its gleefully gory delights.

As the chilling synopsis describes, “Do Not Disturb” follows newlyweds Chloe and Jack who decide to indulge in some peyote on their Miami honeymoon in hopes of strengthening their already on the rocks relationship. However, they unwittingly take a powerful strain that unlocks their inner primal cravings for human flesh. As resentment boils over in their hotel room den of dysfunction, Chloe realizes the only way out of this failed marriage is to literally consume her new husband Jack in an epic Freudian horror show.

With a premise ripe with darkly satirical metaphor and perverse mayhem, this trippy cannibal entry promises to push the boundaries of body horror and relationship dread. The peyote angle provides a visually striking vehicle for director Jerren Lauder to really flex his surrealist muscles and plunge us into the tripped-out psyches of two ordinary newlyweds unraveling in the most gruesomely extraordinary ways.

Having slayed audiences on the film festival circuit, “Do Not Disturb” clearly has its bloody finger firmly on the pulse of hardcore horror fans’ deepest desires. Who doesn’t want to escape into a vivid fever dream of marital misery, mortifying munchies, and a hotel room coated in viscera? Consider me sold!

Mark your calendars for the theatrical release on November 17th, then keep the horror honeymoon going when “Do Not Disturb” checks in on VOD November 21st. With its wild premise and early critical buzz, this should fast become essential viewing for gore hounds and lovers of boundary-pushing horror alike.

So prep the penthouse suite and hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign this November, because this cannibalistic couple is ready to make a killing, and indulge their monstrous appetites one bite at a time. A horrorcation like this doesn’t come around often, so don’t sleep on checking in with the wickedest room service in Miami when “Do Not Disturb” opens its doors wide to rain blood all over the sunny beaches of South Florida. This honeymoon is going to be killer!

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