Extreme Confrontational Horror: Megalomaniac

The controversial new horror film Megalomaniac aims to shock and provoke, while exploring the darker depths of the human psyche. Directed by Karim Ouelhaj, this confrontational arthouse horror has already generated buzz on the festival circuit for its unflinching depictions of violence and taboo subject matter.

As one critic describes, “Writer/Director Karim Ouelhaj crafts extreme confrontational horror that aims to offend as much as it does evoke wrath and societal reflection. It’s at once compelling and uncomfortable to watch.” The film follows the damaged children of a notorious Belgian serial killer from the 1990s, examining questions of nature versus nurture when it comes to evil.

Another reviewer raves that “‘Megalomaniac’ is top-tier European arthouse feel-bad horror cinema that, paired with stunning cinematography, will thrill extreme horror fans.” While certainly not for the faint of heart, the film promises to provide a psychologically thrilling viewing experience for lovers of challenging, boundary-pushing cinema.

Megalomaniac hits theaters starting September 8th in major markets like NYC, LA, Columbus, and Rochester. The film will be available On Demand starting September 26th across platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, and more. Brace yourself for a descent into moral depravity when Megalomaniac arrives on the big screen this fall.

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