15 Cameras

15 Cameras: A Voyeuristic Thriller Coming Soon

The new psychological thriller 15 Cameras is set to premiere on demand on October 13th, with a theatrical release in Los Angeles. Directed by Danny Madden and written by PJ McCabe, 15 Cameras explores the dark side of voyeurism and obsession.

The film follows young couple Cam and Sky, who buy a duplex together as a starter home and investment property. However, they soon discover hidden cameras and the disturbing secrets of the previous owner. Becoming obsessed with spying on others themselves, their marriage unravels and their voyeurism has deadly consequences when new tenants move into the downstairs unit.

15 Cameras features an ensemble cast including Will Madden, Angela Wong Carbone, Hilty Bowen, James Babson, Shirley Chen, Hannah Mckechnie, Skyler Bible, and Courtney Dietz. The supporting cast includes veteran actors Jim Cummings and Stephen Ruffin.

This tense thriller examines just how far some will go to observe others, and the toxicity that can infect relationships and lead to horrific outcomes. With its timely themes of surveillance and blurred boundaries, 15 Cameras promises to get under viewers’ skin and keep them on the edge of their seats. Check local listings for on demand and theatrical screening information as this unsettling voyage into obsession comes your way.

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