Esme, My Love – Exploring Family, Loss and Magic

The highly anticipated supernatural thriller ‘Esme, My Love’ is set for a worldwide digital release on  June 2. The film, distributed by Terror Films, stars Audrey Grace Marshall  (‘The Flight Attendant) and Stacey Weckstein, and was written and directed   by Cory Choy. 

In ‘Esme, My Love,’ Hannah, played by Marshall, notices the symptoms of a terminal illness in her withdrawn young daughter Esme. In a last-ditch effort to connect before time runs out, Hannah decides to take Esme on a trip to their abandoned family farm, which holds secrets of its own.

Director Cory Choy has said he is proud to have created a film focusing on the relationship between women, starring women, and featuring women behind the camera. “I recognize that women are underrepresented in film, both on and off screen. And while I didn’t set out with this explicit intention, I am very proud to have made a movie exploring the relationship between parent and child that stars only women, was co-written and co-edited by women, with cinematography by a woman, and features a score composed by women,” Choy said. 

Choy described the film as “rooted in a family’s history and lore.”  “‘Esme, My Love’ explores the relationship between mother and daughter — a meditation on love, loss, family and magic,” he said.

The film was inspired by true events, according to the filmmakers. ‘Esme, My Love’ will be released digitally on platforms around the world on June 2. Supernatural thriller fans and those interested in well-crafted, affecting films should mark their calendars.

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