Cocaine Shark

‘Cocaine Shark’ B-Movie Creature Feature Promises Mutated Shark Mayhem

The low-budget creature feature ‘Cocaine Shark’ has been released on major video-on-demand platforms, with a DVD release slated for July 2023. The film from veteran B-movie director Mark Polonia and writer Bando Glutz promises over-the-top sci-fi action and gore. 

‘Cocaine Shark’ follows a group of people trying to stop the spread of mutated sharks after an explosion at a secret mafia-run laboratory. The lab was developing a highly addictive and dangerous new stimulant called HT25, derived from captive sharks. After the explosion, the mutated sharks and other creatures escape and go on a rampage. 

The film stars Samantha Coolidge, known for roles in ‘Slime City Massacre’ and ‘Killer Rack,’ Ryan Dalton from ‘Bikini Spring Break’ and ‘Piranha Sharks,’ Natalie Himmelberger, who appeared in ‘Nazi Sharks’ and ‘Three-Headed Shark Attack,’ and Titus Himmelberger from ‘Sharkenstein’ and ‘Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.’ Director Polonia is known for low-budget horror and sci-fi films like ‘Sharkenstein’ and ‘Dinosaur Island.’ Writer Bando Glutz also penned the script for ‘Sharkenstein’ and has writing credits for films such as ‘Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark’ and ‘Mega Piranha.’

‘Cocaine Shark’ is available to rent or purchase now on major video-on-demand platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and more. The DVD release, set for July 11, 2023, will include bonus features for buyers such as trailers, animation outtakes, and a director’s commentary. B-movie fans and creature feature enthusiasts looking for an over-the-top gore-fest will surely want to check out ‘Cocaine Shark.’ This hilariously titled sci-fi thriller promises mutated shark mayhem and madness. 

The low production values, far-fetched premise, and excessive gore place ‘Cocaine Shark’ firmly in the realm of so-bad-it’s-good B-movies. Cult film fans seeking campy, absurd entertainment will want to dive into this one. An army of mutated sharks fueled by an experimental mafia-created drug running amok? What’s not to love? ‘Cocaine Shark’ is set to become an instant cult classic, check out the trailer below.