Scream Therapy

Desert Demons And Incel Sacrifices: The Hilarious Horror Comedy Scream Therapy Is Set To Premiere At Dances With Films

The highly anticipated horror comedy Scream Therapy from writer/director Cassie Keet is preparing to terrify and tickle audiences at its world premiere on June 23rd at the historic TCL Chinese Theatre as part of the Dances With Films festival.

Scream Therapy follows a group of best friends who embark on a girls trip to the Wonder Valley desert in an attempt to lift the spirits of Avery after a painful breakup. However, their restorative getaway takes a sinister turn when they cross paths with a demon worshipping incel cult who are on a deadline to find a human sacrifice.  What ensues is a hilarious and gory fight for survival against the deranged cult members in a race against time before the sun rises.

The trailer for Scream Therapy promises an outrageous, over the top comedic horror experience with shades of early 2000’s slashers like The Descent. The Wonder Valley desert location creates a feeling of isolation and dread as the colorful cast of characters must ban together to outwit their unhinged pursuers.

Keet has assembled an all-female led ensemble including Harley Bronwyn, Claire Dellamar, Geri Courtney-Austein, Mandie Cheung and Rochelle Anderson who all appear to be giving comedically heightened performances based on the trailer. The incel villains are portrayed by Brian Flaccus and Skyler Bible, who seem to be gleefully chewing the scenery in their respective roles.

Scream Therapy looks to be a riotous good time for horror fans and comedy fans alike based on the outrageous premise and wicked sense of humor on display in the promotional footage. Cassie Keet is a filmmaker to watch, as she seems poised to deliver a fresh, funny and gory entry into the horror genre with Scream Therapy.

The world premiere at the historic TCL Chinese Theatre during the Dances With Films festival will undoubtedly be the perfect venue for experiencing this zany desert romp on the big screen with a receptive audience.

Grab your girlfriends, your snacks and get ready to laugh and shriek the night away when Scream Therapy premieres on June 23rd. This looks to be the girls night out from hell that you never want to end!