Revenge, Survival And A Giant Angry Pig: The eagerly anticipated Indie Horror Thriller Peppergrass Is Set To Terrorize Audiences. 

The talented powerhouse writing and directing duo Steven Garbas and Chantelle Han have once again crafted a unique addition to the horror genre with their upcoming film Peppergrass. Garbas and Han are known for pushing the envelope when it comes to independent horror films and Peppergrass looks to continue that trend. The duo have described Peppergrass as a “horror genre tour” and after watching the chilling trailer it is easy to see why. The film seamlessly blends elements of a heist film, survival thriller and ultimately a tale of revenge. Just when you think you have the story figured out, Garbas and Han flip the entire premise on its head leaving even the most dedicated horror fan surprised.

Peppergrass follows a pregnant restaurateur named Eula who is trying to survive and provide for herself during the midst of the ongoing pandemic. In a desperate attempt to secure her financial future, Eula hatches a plan to rob a valuable truffle from a mysterious reclusive World War 2 veteran. However, Eula soon finds herself trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse with her unstable target looking for vengeance. The trailer promises scenes of escalating danger and paranoia as Eula struggles to escape from the clutches of the vengeful veteran.

Garbas has teased that fans can look forward to “a giant pig to climb on my car” during the film which just adds another layer of intrigue to what is already shaping up to be a must-see indie horror film. Peppergrass has been receiving glowing reviews from critics on the festival circuit with Reel News Daily calling it “a solid film” and Ghouls Magazine declaring it “a major feat of independent filmmaking”. The hauntingly beautiful cinematography and compelling performances shown in the trailer reinforce those critic statements.

Horror fans get ready, you do not want to miss Peppergrass when it creeps onto digital platforms on June 16th 2023