She Came from the Woods

‘She Came From the Woods’ Premieres Today on Tubi

The wait is over horror fans – Tubi’s new original film “She Came From the Woods” premieres today. Set at a summer camp in 1987, the film follows camp counselors whose ghost story ritual awakens an evil presence. As sinister events overtake Camp Briarbrook and terrorize the campers, the counselors and camp founder must band together to survive the night and defeat the evil that threatens them.

An homage to classic ‘80s slashers, “She Came From the Woods” promises a spooky campsite setting, dark humor, over-the-top gore and scares galore. Tubi continues to produce original ad-supported content through Tubi Originals, with a library of over 50,000 titles and 200 free streaming channels. “She Came From the Woods” joins their catalog of curated genre fare for horror fans and beyond.  

For horror fans pining for the era of ’80s summer camp slashers like “Friday the 13th” and “The Burning,” “She Came From the Woods” aims to satisfy your craving. Set at the idyllic Camp Briarbrook, the film begins innocently enough but descends into chaos and bloodshed after sinister forces are unleashed. Teen campers and counselors alike meet gruesome demises in the moonlit woods and cabins, hunted by an unseen malevolence. 

Amid creative kills and dark humor are complex characters worth rooting for. William Sadler plays camp founder Gilbert McAlister, a gentle soul harboring a dark secret. Cara Buono stars as Gilbert’s daughter Heather, a strong woman torn between protecting the campers in her care and standing by her family. Young actors Spencer List, Tyler Elliot Burke and others give the film a sense of youthful energy and vulnerability.

Catch the mayhem and thrills when “She Came From the Woods” premieres for free today, June 10, 2023 on Tubi. The frights at Camp Briarbrook are only beginning! Tune in if you dare…the woods hold sinister secrets and nobody is safe!

With jump scares and slow-building dread, “She Came From the Woods” aims to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The film’s visual style and soundtrack evoke the era, transporting viewers back to the golden age of slashers. For genre fans seeking spooks, gore and a dose of nostalgia, “She Came From the Woods” delivers.