Death is Never Retro! ’80s Slasher Terror Resurfaces in Totally Killer

Hello my horror maniacs! Let’s take a blood-soaked stroll down memory lane to the tubular days of big hair, neon clothes and slashers gone wild. The infamous “Sweet Sixteen Killer” is back after 35 long years for more bodacious bloodshed in Totally Killer, crashing onto Prime Video this October 6th with enough nostalgic carnage to make Freddy and Jason proud!

Like, I was freaking out when I heard producer Jason Blum was teaming up with comedy ace Nahnatchka Khan for an ’80s throwback slasher flick. After slaying with laughs in Always Be My Maybe, she sounds totally rad turning up the terror dial alongside Blumhouse maestros of horror-comedy like Happy Death Day.

Totally Killer follows 17-year-old Jamie as she accidentally travels back to 1987, hellbent on stopping the “Sweet Sixteen Killer” before his first murder spree claims another victim. Thrilling and hilarious retro hijinks ensue! The Triassic Park star Kiernan Shipka leads a tubular cast ready to party like it’s 1987…while dodging the decade’s deadliest psycho killer, of course!

Blum promises shiploads of bodacious ’80s nostalgia, from the neon fashions and synth soundtrack to Easter eggs galore for Gen X survivors and younger generations who grew up worshipping the decade’s iconic slashers and teen flicks. From the sounds of it, Totally Killer perfectly recaptures the era’s vibrant style and macabre camp.

But make no mistake, while wallowing in ’80s nostalgia, Totally Killer still delivers hardcore horror worthy of its Blumhouse pedigree. The time-travel slasher premise promises killer twists on the genre. And director Khan brings comedy chops to navigate laughs and scares in ways only the raddest horror-comedies can. Just try not to gnaw your nails off before the Sweet Sixteen Killer claims his next excellent victim!

So get stoked to return to the sinister side of the ’80s once again when Totally Killer crashes onto Prime Video this October. The Sweet Sixteen Killer is back in action, and his murder spree is about to get fully bodacious! Can Jamie rewrite history and stop the infamous slasher’s reign of ’80s terror before the blood flows like a totally gnarly New Wave music video? Tune in if you dare, dudes and dudettes – just don’t forget your favorite scrunchie and hairspray! This trip back in time is going to be most triumphant…and killer. Cowabunga!!

Totally Killer continues Blumhouse Productions’ reign as Hollywood’s undisputed empire of horror. Since storming the genre with micro-budget smash hits like Paranormal Activity and The Purge, Jason Blum has kept his influential studio on the bleeding edge.

Blumhouse helped make James Wan a household name by producing Insidious and the Conjuring Universe. They’ve reinvented classic monsters from Halloween’s Michael Myers to The Invisible Man. And their partnerships with inventive filmmakers like Jordan Peele have brought thought-provoking elevated horror into the mainstream.

But Blumhouse also knows not to neglect horror’s roots. By reviving the classic ’80s slasher formula with a time-bending twist in Totally Killer, they tap into nostalgia while still feeling fresh. And their consistent stream of diverse, inventive horror on platforms like Hulu and Prime Video ensures genre fans are never left hungry.

Totally Killer continues Blumhouse’s winning streak by blending retro appeal with modern style. Jamie may party like it’s 1987, but her meta mission to erase the Sweet Sixteen Killer’s spree makes for a slasher like no other. When this blast from the past premieres October 6th, it will remind the world why Blumhouse is still Hollywood’s definitive modern house of horror. The hits just keep on coming.

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