Creepshow: The Classic Horror Anthology Film gets a 4K UHD Release by Scream Factory

Both George A. Romero and Stephen King are names that are probably already familiar to you if you are a lover of the horror genre. Creepshow, an anthology film that has become a classic in the horror genre, was created by two of the most renowned directors working in the macabre genre in the year 1982. And now, on June 27th, courtesy to Scream Factory, this fan-favorite will be available to purchase in 4K Ultra High Definition.

Scream Factory is a sub-brand of Shout! Factory that focuses on producing films in the genres of horror, science fiction, and cult classics. They have created a name for themselves by producing special editions of classic films on Blu-ray and DVD, frequently with extensive added features, and this has helped them sell a lot of copies. This is true for the Creepshow 4K UHD release as well.

Options to Choose from When Pre-ordering Creepshow 4K UHD

When it comes to pre-ordering Creepshow on Scream Factory’s website, fans have a number of different alternatives at their disposal. You have the option of purchasing the 4K Ultra High Definition copy of the movie alone or going with one of the bundles. The following are contained within the bundles:

  • 4K UHD copy of the movie with exclusive posters, an exclusive slipcover, and a prism sticker
  • 4K UHD copy of the movie with an enamel pin set, exclusive posters, an exclusive slipcover, and a prism sticker
  • 4K UHD copy of the movie with exclusive posters, an exclusive slipcover, a prism sticker, and lobby cards

Because of the scarcity of these bundles, it is strongly recommended that those who are ardent supporters place their pre-orders as soon as possible.

Creepshow 1982

Creepshow: The Perfect Blend of Horror and Humor

Creepshow is the epitome of the horror film genre since it manages to successfully combine scary moments with hilarious ones. The movie is an anthology of five horrifying stories, and it is a tribute to the great horror comics from the 1950s, including Tales From the Crypt.

The film features a large number of talented actors, such as Tom Atkins, Joe Hill, Viveca Lindfors, Ed Harris, Carrie Nye, John Amplas, Stephen King, Bingo O’Malley, Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson, Gaylen Ross, Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, Fritz Weaver, Christine Forrest, E.G. Marshall, David Early, and Tom Savini. The film was directed by Bingo O’Malley.

Creepshow contains a variety of short stories that are both spooky and clever. They include a murdered father who comes back from the dead for Father’s Day cake and revenge, a crashed meteor oozing gunk that gets everything growing, including human flesh, and a professor who chooses his shrewish wife as a hors d’oeuvre for a ravenous Bigfoot-like monster. All three of these stories take place in the same universe.

Scream Factory Promises Bonus Features

Creepshow will be available in 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD), and Scream Factory has promised that additional information regarding the added features that will be included in this release will be disclosed at a later date. It is safe to presume that fans will not be dissatisfied with the special edition release given their track record with special edition releases.

If you enjoy scary movies, then you won’t want to miss the Creepshow 4K UHD release that Scream Factory has planned for later this year. It includes a wealth of supplementary features in addition to a pitch-perfect mix of comedic and terrifying moments, making it an item that is certain to become a treasured addition to your collection. Hence, you should immediately pre-order your copy by going to the Scream Factory website.