Bramble: The Mountain King Coming to Steam Soon!

Merge Games and Dimfrost Studio Join Forces to Create “Bramble: The Mountain King,” a Dark Nordic Adventure Game To PC & Console

Bramble The Mountain King is a gloomy video game adventure set in a world inspired by dark Nordic fairy tales. In an effort to rescue your sister, you will explore the beautiful, yet perilous and warped land of Bramble. Cross a wondrous landscape and avoid fatal encounters with Bramble’s numerous repulsive creatures.

Travel through the perilous land of Bramble on an emotional quest to find your sister.

Bramble The Mountain King Steam Video Game

Take on the role of Olle, a young but courageous boy who is summoned by fate to traverse the unsettling yet breathtaking environments of Bramble in order to rescue his sister from the clutches of beasts.

Navigate and traverse a magical world of giants and gnomes while distinguishing friend from foe on an epic journey of suspense and survival as a dwarfed protagonist.

I had the chance to play the early demo and the game does look promising and visually appealing. Right now the planned release date for Bramble: The Mountain King is set in 2023 but you will be able to download the demo on Steam this Halloween October 31st 2022. The game suggest that you use a Gamepad and I tend to highly agree with that on my first run of the game I used the WASD keyboard setup and found that a controller was much more effective for the game.

If you enjoy Nordic folklore with a dark twist of horror then you will certainly enjoy Bramble, so head over to steam this Halloween and install the demo for yourself and enter the dark world of Bramble.

Bramble game demo from Steam early access

The Story of Bramble: The Mountain King

Bramble The Mountain King is a gloomy adventure game that takes place in a world that is influenced by gothic Nordic fairy tales. As part of your mission to save your sister, you will have to travel across the stunning but perilous and warped landscape of Bramble. Explore a wondrous landscape while avoiding Bramble’s many terrifying creatures and trying to stay alive while doing so.

You will travel through a variety of breathtaking landscapes while experiencing a compelling and unsettling narrative in Bramble: The Mountain King. Assume the role of Olle, a young boy who is setting out on an adventure to save his sister, who was abducted by a fearsome troll.

There are some things in Bramble that are not what they appear to be, and because this strange land is inhabited by animals of all sizes, you need to be cautious about when to approach it and when to hide from it. These caves and forests are home to a wide variety of vicious animals that are always hungry. Watch where you’re going….

Invoke the enchanted shard known as the Spark of Courage to receive the benefits you require to successfully navigate the challenges and obstacles that lie ahead. Use a variety of tactics that are all your own to prevail over the horrible creatures you come across. A word of caution: having courage but not kindness can lead you down a dangerous road.


  • Atmospheric environments, high-end graphics, and beautifully detailed art
  • Traverse the treacherous land of Bramble on an emotional journey to find your sister
  • Unravel dark secrets and discover the depths of your courage in the face of giants
  • Story-driven gameplay with stunning cinematic moments
  • Encounter mythical creatures such as Näcken, the Skogsra, trolls, gnomes and more
  • Explore a sprawling landscape of tremendous heights and plunging depths inspired byNordic nature
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Merge Games is a global publisher, developer, and distributor of video games based in Manchester, United Kingdom. The company publishes and distributes PC, console, and streaming games worldwide, including Dead Cells, Streets of Rage 4, Spirit of the North, Cloudpunk, Aragami, and Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. Additionally, Merge is developing its own survival game, Smalland, internally.

For more information on Bramble check out the Steam page: Bramble: The Mountain King on Steam ( and be sure to install the Demo this coming Monday October 31st.